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What is UndIklim?


Notice that UndIklim has only one I. This is to reflect that the individual voter is hemmed in by the responsibility and the right to vote against the challenge of climate change. Despite the burden and the challenge, the individual voter has the opportunity and the power to change climate change for the better by making choices of change wherever she can! To make effective change means making informed choices. Informed by facts and data.

UndiKlim is a campaign to interview ALL the GE 15 parliamentary candidates. We do not have the capacity to also interview all the state candidates but we will be using our learnings from this campaign to interview the state candidates for the state elections of next year..

We put the spotlight on the candidates and rank their responses to 7 curated questions centered around environment, social, governance, climate action and ethics. Rankings will be based on whether they are pro, against, undecided or uninformed about the subject matter. We provide the candidates the opportunity to elaborate on their answers to be fair to them since the subject matters are complex and nuanced. The act of choosing no to respond is also a response. Adn we will take this into accoount. Our mission is to illuminate the candidates views on the subject and bring it to the attention of the voter so that they can make an informed choice taking the actual words of the candidate into account. This is an act of acountability and this is one of the most important characteristics required in a good servant of the citizens. Mind you, That is what they are. Wakil Rakyat and the abbreviation YB must only stand for YANG BERKHIDMAT and not Yang Berhormat, because respect has to be EARNED!


How does UndIklim work?

It is a collaboration between Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM)  and us. GBM has created the MP Profiling site which is a repository of all the candidates for GE15 listing their affiliations, communication platforms and news regarding them. GBM contacts the candidates, sends them the Questionnaire and if the candidates respond positively, schedules an interview with them on Zoom. GDIMY Volunteer Interviewers pick up the scheduled interview, conduct and record the interview and hands over to our Communications Team who then processes the video for posting on our YouTube channel with links shared on MP Profiling and across our social media platforms. 


How long will the #UndIklim Campaign last?

This campaign will run from 7th - 17th November 2022. At the end of the campaign we will do a final update and share it across all our platforms with a ranking based on pro or against pro-active climate action.


How can you participate/ support this campaign?

1. Visit MP Profiling and look up the candidates for your constituency?

2. Share the MP Profiling links to your candidates on your social media platforms and networks so that more voters in your constituency can see and hear directly from the candidates.

3. Leave a comment on the YouTube comments section of your candidates' interview..


What do we ask the candidates?

1..Will you push for/table and vote in favour of the urgent enactment of the Malaysian Climate Emergency Act? (by Climate Action Week 2023 - September 17)

2. Will you push for/ table and vote in favour to institutionalise the Just Transition mechanism of the fossil fuel economy towards a low carbon society? (by Climate Action Week 2023 - September 17)

3. Will you push for/table and vote in favour of the Freedom of Information Act so the public can access information related to the environment and climate and all administrative and governance matters not directly related to national security? (by Climate Action Week 2023 - September 17)

4. Will you push for/table and vote in favour of the Citizen's Freedom To Criticise & Question Governance Act on all matters of government especially related to the protection of the environment, Indigenous People's Rights, Biodiversity and Wildlife Rights, Climate and Social Justice that will allow the Citizen's of Malaysia the liberty from prosecution and persecution in defending their rights to rule of law, clean air and water, ecosystem and human rights protection and all other fundamental liberties (by Climate Action Week 2023 - September 17)

5.  Will you defend and push for measures to ensure the protection of existing forest reserves in your State and to encourage the same in other States so that forests remain intact as whole functioning ecosystems to ensure continual protection of Malaysia's rich biodiversity, water catchment areas and our rights to a green environment?

6. Will you push changes in law or table in Parliament to bring back Local Council Elections?

7. Do you place your voters/ constituents and their needs, rights and aspirations over that of your political party and your conscience and morality?

Candidates are given the options YES, NO, MAYBE and are also given the option to elaborate on their answers.

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